Elevator Restoration Update at Yumbo Centre
Published: 20.06.2024

We are thrilled to share a significant development regarding the elevators at Yumbo Centre. After a prolonged period of inactivity, we have received confirmation from the Yumbo management team that these essential facilities are finally on the path to being restored to full operation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated Yumbo communidad managers who have navigated administrative and legal obstacles, making this restoration possible. Furthermore, we are very pleased to report that the required parts for the elevators’ repair have arrived and are ready for installation.  We expect they will be working before the coming Maspalomas Carnival, March 7 – 17

The achievement is a testament to the power of community support, and we wholeheartedly endorse any future projects aimed at enhancing and upgrading the facilities at Yumbo Centre for our valued clients and visitors. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the community, and in particular the Yumbo office team, this long-standing issue will soon be resolved.

We urge all entrepreneurs, tenants, and owners, even those not yet members of GLAY, to promptly report any maintenance concerns or deteriorating facilities they come across. Ensuring everything remains in working order takes time, and with a centre as expansive as Yumbo, scheduled maintenance is crucial to providing the best experience for our visitors, tourists, and business owners.

We would like to see further initiatives to improve the facades and walkways of the centre.

A Brief Background:

In GLAY’s 13th year, during the summer of 2014, as we celebrated 32 years of Yumbo, our members association, comprising local businesses, bars, clubs, community activists, and concerned individuals, witnessed the commencement of significant renovations at the renowned leisure centre in Playa del Inglés.

By December of that year, several walkways had started to be refurbished, and, following extensive efforts to improve facilities, two sets of elevators were installed. These elevators greatly enhanced access for individuals with mobility challenges, marking a substantial step forward.

However, by November 2016, complaints began to surface about non-operational lifts, particularly during significant events. This situation was seen as a form of discrimination, excluding older people and those with disabilities from their right to access.

In May 2019, less than five years after installation, vandals rendered at least one set of elevators inoperable. While we were assured that the police were investigating, updates on this matter were scarce.

By the onset of the pandemic, both lifts appeared to be out of order, raising concerns about the availability of these facilities for the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors who frequent our area annually, let alone the local residents whose ease of access was once again being hindered.

Since at least the pandemic, the inability to guarantee basic facilities like elevators cast a shadow on our resort’s image and Yumbo’s reputation, harming businesses and discriminating against the elderly and disabled.

As CC Yumbo enters its 42nd year, this world famous leisure centre still requires our attention not only when issues arise but also if we are to improve the overall condition of buildings, signage, security measures, and the promotion of Yumbo to our diverse audiences.

With the approaching Maspalomas Carnival International, one of the largest annual events at Yumbo, we are delighted that mobility will no longer be hindered. However, we believe there are some other areas in need of maintenance and attention. We hope our members will assist in identifying priority areas for the community office team to address.

As an association dedicated to advocating for LGBTQIA+ individuals and organisation in Maspalomas and Gran Canaria, we welcome input from anyone with practical suggestions for improvements needed in how Yumbo Centre and the local area operate and how we can enhance how Maspalomas is experienced by visitors. Your thoughts and feedback, both positive and negative, shape our conversations with stakeholders, including local, insular, and regional government, as well as consular representatives serving our international visitors.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our vibrant community.  If you haven’t already joined our newsletter, please sign up here.

Warm regards,

Your GLAY committee